Naxos Island

Naxos Island

Explore Naxos, discrover the island beauties

Since it’s built on the foothills of the Venetian Castle, staying in Emery Apartments you’ll have the unique chance to wander in its alleys, to discover its history, to become regulars in one of the many cafe-bars hiding in every corner all around it, to “get lost” in its labyrinths and, in any case, to admire the Venetian architecture of the castle built by the Venetian conqueror Markos Sanoudos in 1207, when he decided to make Naxos, due to the island’s wealth and location, the center of his kingdom, the “Duchy of the Aegean Sea”.

However, even though our apartments’ location and its closeness to the city rhythms is ideal for cosmopolitan vacations in Naxos Town, we highly recommend to explore the island’s mainland too and not to miss out on the amazing beaches, to which Naxos partly owes its fame. Please don’t hesitate to speak with the reception in case you wish us to bring you in contact with travel agencies that will organise a guided bus tour around the island, or with car rental agencies, if you wish to be more independent.

Theologaki church

Here is some information on Naxos, so that you are better prepared for your unforgettable vacations on our island

Perhaps the name “Emery Apartments” has already given you a hint as to the wealth of Naxian nature, since emery, a once valuable and very hard mineral rock (only one chemical element differentiates emery from diamond), is found in abundance in the mountains of Naxos and extracted exclusively on our island and in some places in Turkey.

For some decades in the 19th century, Naxian emery was responsible for 70% of Greece’s general income, thus extremely important to the Greek economy. If you find yourselves in the mountains of Naxos, don’t forget to visit the geological museum of Apeiranthos to find out more on the subject, since the people of Apeiranthos (and the people of a nearby village, Koronos) have the expertise as well as the exclusive rights to emery extraction.

A walk in Apeiranthos village is highly recommended anyway, since it’s the village with the strongest and perhaps the richest tradition and history on the island. There are 5 museums in total there and Apeiranthos is ideal to stroll around at any time of the day.

A few kilometers before you reach Apeiranthos, you’ll find the island’s largest village, Filoti, with 3.000 residents and perhaps not as rich a history but filled with folklore elements. In Filoti you’ll enjoy rich meals from local ingredients and you’ll get a good taste of living traditionally in a Naxian village, since the majority of the population are farmers.

On your way to Filoti and Apeiranthos, don’t forget to visit Halkí, maybe the most cosmopolitan village on the island, right in the center of the valley of Tragea, where you’ll find art galleries, marble sculpting workshops, the island’s first Byzantine church and of course, the now famous distillery of kitron, a liquor produced only here in Naxos.

While you’re on the mountains, observe the existence of Naxian marble, famous for its impeccable quality since the ancient years. There are overall 14 marble quarries on Naxos and a view of the largest one, located between Kinidaros and Melanes villages will be sure to take your breath away.

Naxos is a wealthy land in many aspects and this wealth is more easily recognised as we take our distance from Naxos Town and wander around areas full of olive and all kinds of fruit-bearing trees, running water streams, waterfalls and amazing beaches, some of which are many kilometers long while others offer a safe bosom to their lucky visitors.

If you’re a water sports addict, you’ll find your personal heaven on earth at the beaches of Mikri Vigla, Orkos, Flights and Laguna.

For sunbathing lovers, we recommend Saint Prokopis and Plaka, being the two closest beaches to Naxos Town, as well as Aliko, Kastraki and Pyrgaki, located in a relatively short distance, and Moutsouna and Panormos beaches, for those of you who enjoy a long drive.

Please bare in mind that most of our beaches do not have amenities such as sunbeds or beach bars. This way, the island’s wild beauty is maintained, however, you might need supplies to visit the beaches in the most enjoyable way.

Since the villages of Naxos are so many (44 to be exact), its beaches countless (148 kilometers of coastline), the ancient monuments many, important and well-maintained for the most part, and the activities are literally countless, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff for further information. We will advise you on what to do depending on your preferences and we will happily share with you our secrets, the secrets of the locals, so that your visit to Naxos will be truly unforgettable!

In any case, every night you’ll get to return to the tranquility of Emery Apartments, to calmly ponder on the beauty you gazed upon during the day and wonder what the next day could be holding for you…